Telling Worthwhile Stories

Making a Difference

Capturing events and special moments that bring communities together.

Creating living memories of treasured family events such as reunions, anniversaries and wedding celebrations.

Visualizing the story of your business or non-profit organization to help clients and contributors better understand the fundamentals of what you do.

Filming and editing stories of the world around us.  Conceptualizing and creating narratives of these visuals to share these stories widely.


Sunny Wonder Media started in response to the idea that important things happen every day. We help people, families, businesses and communities capture those moments. We turn them into something special, something tangible. That way people, families, businesses and communities will be able to share important moments with those close to them. They will also continue to watch and enjoy those moments for years to come.

Laura Cosacchi, principal at Sunny Wonder Media has been producing, directing, filming and editing video productions/visual media for municipalities, non-profit organizations, families and businesses since 1986. She also specializes in Station Relations Services for Producers of PBS/Public Television Content and Programmers of PBS/Public Television Stations.

Sunny Wonder Media is a Division of LaConrik Communications, LLC which works with national producers and PBS Stations on program distribution and communication. 


Thank you so much!  I am excited to post it on my website.  By all means, please use it as an example.  I truly appreciate you time and talent.

- Laura Horetski

"This is an awesome video for educating people about Hapas. Thank you for sharing the video with us."

Showing a video at our fundraising breakfast took our fundraising to a higher level of professionalism. The video allowed the audience to see and feel the people our organization serves. Attendees made their donation with an emotional connection to our work. The impact of the video was incredible.

- Cindy Goodwin, Director, Department of Youth and Family Services, Mercer Island